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Dr. Joey's SkinnyChews

Afternoon snacking and nighttime cravings can often get in the way of healthy eating. This is why I have created Skinnychews - the perfect chocolatey indulgence! Next time you have a sweet tooth or a hunger pang that just won't quit - enjoy a chocolatey Skinnychew.

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Dr. Joey's Metabolism Booster

Dr. Joey's Metabolism Boosting supplement assists in increasing metabolic capacity and helps to get rid of unwanted belly fat! The supplement comes in individual packs that contain a blend of green tea extract, conjugated linoleic acid and chromium. These ingredients: aid with weight loss; increase lean muscle mass.

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The Natural Makeover Diet

Your face does not lie. You can determine the state of health a woman is in simply by looking at her skin, hair and nails. If you are sick or run down on the inside, it always shows on the outside in a myriad of ways such as bags under the eyes, dry skin, brittle nails, pre-mature wrinkling, excess weight or difficulty losing weight. Yet, the norm in today's society is to cover up the signs of poor health instead of addressing them.

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The metabolism boosting diet

The Metabolism Boosting Diet is coming! Finally – NO MORE DIETING!
Best selling author and media personality Dr. Joey Shulman (DC, registered nutritionist) will show you how to discover results you never thought possible - at any age and any stage!

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The Last 15 – A Weight Loss Breakthrough

No more dieting! High protein, low carb, counting calories or shake for breakfast – people are throwing up their hands in nutritional bewilderment! If you have tried like so many others to lose weight in the past and are now left frustrated and confused about where to go – you are not alone. With a mere 2% of dieters keeping their weight loss results off within a five year span – something is definitely awry in the weight loss world.

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Winning The Food Fight

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? "Mom, can you please buy me a gumball?" Jimmy’s mom always buys him a gumball. "Please, Mom, please!" Worn out and exhausted at the end of the day and desperately wanting to avoid a food fight with your child in the checkout aisle, you cave in. What does this typical, seemingly harmless scenario have to do with the state of our children’s health today? Everything!

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