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Dr. Joey's SkinnyChews (30 chews, 180g / bag)

Afternoon snacking and nighttime cravings can often get in the way of healthy eating. This is why I have created Skinnychews – the perfect chocolatey indulgence!

Next time you have a sweet tooth or a hunger pang that just won't quit – enjoy a chocolatey Skinnychew. With less than 20 calories per chew and a high source of inulin fiber in every serving– these irresistible gluten free chews are satisfying, delicious and convenient!


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Dr. Joey's SkinnyChews are in several health food stores across Canada. You can search below for the closest location near you!
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Chicory root inulin fibre, evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup, cocoa powder, non hydrogenated palm oil, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin

These chews have come in handy for me at the office. If I am hungry or in a meeting, I pop a chew or two and I am good to go!
- Denise, R. Acton

I can't believe how delicious these chews are...I pop one in my mouth while I am making the kids dinner so I don't find my hand in a bag of crackers!   
- Laura, London

I am a nighttime/emotional eater. I have found eating 2 chews and having a cup of tea really stops the evening munchies.
-  Laura M, Whitby

I am freezing my chews and have two at night. I find the dark chocolaty taste lasts longer when I freeze them.
- Paula, Edmonton

Fiber never tasted this good! I love these chews at the end of the day!
- Dina, Vancouver

Skinnychews deliver a sweet satisfying taste in a low calorie way. Love them
- Deb R. Toronto

I am constantly travelling (in airports 3x  per week!). I now bring Skinnychews with me everywhere I travel. It actually helps me make better food choices.
- Lisa, Hamilton

Who ever thought a guy like me would be eating Skinnychews at night while watching X factor? But I  have to tell you….they do help me with my cravings!
- Dan, Richmond Hill

I find using chocolaty Skinnychews as a "treat" helps me eat better. I also suffer from chronic constipation and have noticed a big improvement from the inulin fiber in Skinnychews. Thanks Dr. Joey!
- Donna S, Woodbridge

I have been an avid reader of Dr. Joey's books for years and was very
excited to find out about this product last week. As an emotional eater – I am thrilled to have a healthy treat to turn to at night!

- Marlene, Hamilton

WOW! Good for you never tasted this good!
- Randy, Thornhill

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