If you follow any of my recipes or posts on instagram, you will know – I am a big coconut oil lover. From blending coconut oil into my coffee, to sautéing my vegetables, hair masks and more – I use this nutrient rich fat regularly for its superfood effects. Continue reading

Top 5 ways to love thy heart

By: Dr. Joey Shulman DC, RNCP

Although heart disease is the #1 killer in both men and women, there are several natural steps that can be implemented to decrease your risk. Here are five things you and your loved ones can do right now to be heart smart: Continue reading

Do I agree with a Paleo Diet?

Being in the health and weight loss business for over a decade – I often get asked my opinion on several diets. Of recent, I am receiving many e-mail inquiries about the Paleo diet and if it is indeed a good approach for health and weight loss. Continue reading

Natural Mother’s Day gifts your mom will love!

This year, why not give mom the gift of health? From natural beauty products to healthy and high anti-oxidant chocolate – the goodies below are ones that your mom simply cannot resist. Continue reading

Bye bye nighttime cravings and snacking!

Are you someone who starts your day off well only not to finish it as well? Do you crave sweets at night and find it hard to not over indulge? If so – you are not alone. Unfortunately, research is very clear that in order to lose weight, balance blood sugars and burn fat – you need to say bye- bye to nighttime eating and over indulging on sweets. Continue reading

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