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Old man winter is slowly starting to let go and the warm weather will finally be here! With spring around the corner, we all start thinking about shedding a little bit of the winter weight we may have accumulated. In order to burn belly fat, lose weight and feel the energetic all day long –there are a few fool proof tips that are game changers for life long success. After working in the weight loss world for over a decade and working with thousands of clients, the “must do” steps I recommend to all include:

1. Start to food journal each and every day. The more mindful you become of your eating patterns, food intake and timing of your food – the more successful you will be at weight loss. It is also important to log the amount of water you consume on a daily basis. For weight loss purposes, 2 liters of water minimum need to be consumed per day.

2. Opt for 3-6 ounces of your favorite protein option per meal. Chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, edamame, tofu, protein powder, Greek yogurt and occasional lean beef are all fantastic options. I tell all of my clients to keep hard-boiled eggs in the fridge at all times to “kill” hunger or cravings (and to be eaten at any time of day).

3. Schedule some “me” time each and every day. Research is clear that the chronic elevation of cortisol (the stress hormone) can get in the way of losing weight. In short, cortisol and insulin are the best of friends and both love to promote fat storage. Whether you exercise, practice yoga, read, listen to music or meditate – carve some alone time just for you. I find the morning hours to be the best time of day to practice mediation and/or yoga (prior to the kids waking up!!).

4. Before eating any meal or snack, be sure you are actually hungry and not eating for emotional reasons. Follow my “SALT” rule of eating, which includes checking in with yourself to ensure you are not eating because you are stressed, angry, lonely or tired. If you are an emotional eater (like so many of us!) – raising awareness to the reasons “why” you eat will help bring about change in your eating behaviors.

5. Keep in mind, weight loss is not entirely a “calorie thing”. In fact, for fat burning and sustained results, weight loss is more of a “sugar thing”. For quick results that will get you into your jeans fast, eliminate all processed flours and sugars from the diet. These sugary foods flip the switch on insulin and promote belly fat storage. In order to lose belly fat (yes…even if you are peri or post menopausal), stuck to naturally occurring sugars found in fruits (berries, apples, oranges) and vegetables. For every 5 pounds of fat you lose, you will lose approximately an inch around your waist.

By implementing the tips above, you will be guaranteed to enjoy the spring with best health, a thin waist line and boundless amounts of energy!

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  1. Donna McDonald says:

    I plan on starting in Jan 2017. I’ve failed at every weight loss attempt that I have tried. It’s emotionally exhausting and frustrating. Reading the comments, tips and recommendations from other members of the City Line Weight Loss Challenge inspires me. I hope I can be successful.

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