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Dr. Joey's passion for natural healthcare and nutrition has been the focus of her career for over a decade. As a three time best selling author and well known media personality her philosophy of "improve the quality of your food to improve the quality of your life" has enhanced the health of thousands across North America. Dr. Joey's goal is to continue to help people use food to feel their very best from the inside out. Dedicated to helping people achieve their ideal and healthy body weight - she is also founder of the highly successful Shulman Weight Loss clinics which has helped thousands lose their weight for life!

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One of the keys for maintaining a healthy body weight and feeling energetic is to finish off your day "food wise" as well as you have started it. If nighttime eating and sugar cravings are throwing you off track...it is time to meet your new best friend! Dr. Joey's Skinnychews will naturally satisfy your sweet tooth during your "danger zones" such as 3pm or after dinner. A serving of Dr. Joey’s Skinnychews contains 4 grams of pre-biotic inulin fibre which helps to fill you up, balance blood sugars and optimize digestion! Each Dr. Joey’s Skinnychew is gluten free, has only 17 calories per chew and is naturally sweetened.

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